Marlborough Rondel Windows

Last summer, I got a call from a colleague — a painter’s ladder had fallen through a window. I had a lovely drive out to Marlborough. After meeting with the clients and understanding their desire to not have the windows brought back to my studio, I agreed to come back and restore them onsite. The main problem was finding rondels of the same diameter and clarity of the originals. That was when I learned they had a glass blower in town.

I met with Jordana at Hot Glass Art Center and brought along an original rondel. She assured me she could replicate them. I picked them up a few weeks later and they were perfect. And I mean perfect. It’s extremely difficult to replicate the transparency of glass. It’s always different. Glass that is mouth blown has the bubbles, swirls and streaks of the artist creating it. It’s almost a signature. It’s remarkable what Jordana was able to do.

I was able to repair the window on site and reinstall that day. Needless to say, it was a fantastic view.