Richards Ave sidelights

This was a fairly typical sidelight restoration. There was some broken pieces, but more worrisome, the support bars had separated from the panels. Sidelights can take quite a beating over the years. But I was able to perfectly match the historic glass and re-strengthen the lead came. They should be fine for another 120 years or more.

"We had been wondering how to fix the leaded glass sidelight panels of our front door in our home since the day we moved in 5 years ago. When we received the Sash & Solder leaflet, Tom came over at our convenience and advised "no worries...I can fix that to good as new" with the same character as our 113 year old home. Tom was extremely professional in explaining the process including the placement of temporary barriers to keep the cold out. The repaired windows were amazing...indeed looking like they'd been around for 113 years and beautifully maintained. Thank you Tom for your exceptional work! You are a true artist in your field!"

- Judy & Gene, Portsmouth