My projects range in complexity and degree of difficulty and sometimes require creative solutions to fix the window and satisfy the client. We are always happy to discuss options based on your needs.

lead repair

Whether your window employs a simple channel lead or decorative lead additions, if it's more than 100 years old, it's likely in need of some degree of repair or all out replacement. When done properly, this upholds the strength and longevity of the window, and in no way degrades its value or authenticity as an historic object. Without some degree of maintenance, it's condition may become beyond repair. 

Glass replacement

There are times when broken glass can be "glued" back together using a process involving tinted silicone and a fine touch. Other times, it needs to be replaced, which means finding a piece of glass that matches. If I don't have the match in our own collection, we can source options from a network of antique glass purveyors across New England.


Over time, some windows become "deflected" which means they have begun to bow out from the edges. This is seldom by design, and can lead to damage if the lead becomes stretched so far that the glass pieces have nothing to keep them in place.

Sometimes, a window simply needs to be rested flat then reinforced. Sometimes, a full relead is necessary.


As owner of a leaded glass window, you may feel as though you're losing heat in cold weather. Some will counter that by putting up a storm window or plastic barrier, but this can lead to a vapor lock that threatens the integrity of the lead. 

In fact, one of the best ways to weatherize is to re-putty the lead channels, blocking the flow of air. 

Residential, COMMERCIAL, historical

I've worked for a variety of clients including homeowners, contractors, churches, commercial building owners, condo associations, etc. I'm a certified Lead Renovator, employing best practices for lead safety.